The Trainee Office Dog, Scallywag

ScallywagScallywag on holiday

Scallywag is a Welsh Border Collie.   Born 21 February 1999.  Principal interests: collecting sticks, balls and frisbees; squeaky toys of all sizes, but especially balls.

The Partners hope that the breed's reputation for intelligence will enable Scallywag, with appropriate training, to provide basic legal advice and deal with preliminary enquiries from clients at a realistic cost.  She will also help with more routine tasks about the office such as licking stamps, taking the post, fetching files, and so on.

So far, Scallywag has undertaken weekend work at the office.   It is anticipated that her legal training will begin within about the next 6 months.  Initially she will concentrate on property transaction work - undertaking personal local authority / planning searches.   Later, she will assist in litigation matters - basic divorce cases and debt collection, and attending Counsel at Court hearings.   Obviously she will be closely supervised by a qualified member of staff in the early stages.  Ultimately, she hopes to be the first dog to qualify as a solicitor.

Scallywag's recreational interests are all forms of sport, especially ball games.   Her favourite sportsperson is David Beckham, the footballer.  She also enjoys walking and squeak music

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